Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A way point on a very long journey.

Here is the humble start to yet another workshop in the life of David-Sky. This one promises to make 2011 an interesting year. I have so much to do and make that I almost feel like bursting while dealing with the tedium of moving and setting up again. It is the end of a rather bad year for me and I am glad to see the back of it what with the complications of my diabetes, madness and insecurities but I did manage to create some good music so here is the last music of 2010. While my diabetes status will not change I am happy to report that the carrot of a workshop has made the suffering of walking a thing worth doing despite the agony. The walk to the shop from 1st and Commercial takes me all the way to Slocan and Oxford which is in a neighbourhood called Sunrise East. My health will benefit from the walking and my mental health will no doubt be resurrected by being able to do one of things I feel the happiest doing which is making musical instruments. The workshop is not free, everything in life and death has a price and I've struck a bargain that comes with a cost both financially and emotionally. I have had to even the scales by giving my benefactor some cash every month and considering how little I have it's amazing it can be done at all. This will be my last post of 2010 and I hope that someday someone will read this and understand the struggles I had were not for nothing. I think that I am like so many people without children or large family that simply don't want to be forgotten and want to remembered for the things I did rather than the space I took up in the world. Roll on 2011 and may it be the making of us all...

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