Monday, February 21, 2011

I just won't die...

I saw my endocrinologist today for my six month check up and the news is largely positive. I also saw the clinic dietitian and nurse practitioner at the VGH Diabetic Center which I wasn't thrilled about but the nurse was helpful as always and they loaded me down with free samples of Dextro. As usual my visit with the dietitian was as useless as a hangman at a witch burning and almost as unpleasant as both. If I never meet another condescending and smug dietitian it will be too soon.

I am now starting rapid acting insulin before my evening meal and will continue to use NPH, slower acting, insulin before I go to bed every night. Consequently more injection's and even stricter monitoring will be required as the margin for error gets smaller as I refine my dosages and the need to be vigilant against hypoglycemia is a scary reality.

I had a long and involved discussion with the doctor about needing some advocacy with MSP and/or the maker of Liraglutide as I cannot pay the $300 a month required for the prescription. It would mean yet another injection everyday but apparently I am a very suitable candidate for its use especially with my recent news of my steatohepatitis but the provincial drug plan will not cover the cost. I have no doubt that over the progression of my condition I will cost the tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars and all sorts of people will get paid and the big wheels will keep on turning. I also suspect the cost of denying me the drug will be compounded ten fold when I approach the end game of diabetes with blindness, limb loss or stroke and the associated care costs but the edicts of a false economy continue to be the rule.

The doctors have praised me for my continued compliance with being free of cigarettes for almost two years, massive dietary changes that are reflected in hard facts with my 1AC levels being averaged at 7.1 and my ability to advocate for what I need but the complications keep coming. My bad days now out number my good days and my world continues to get smaller due to poor mobility. My eyesight is still okay but I do need a new pair of glasses and I hope the Ministry will be able to help with the cost.

I have one more specialist appointment this month with the UBC Sleep Disorder Clinic to verify my need for a CPAP machine and hopefully I can get a new one to replace the ailing older model I have that is on it's last legs. My last machine cost me slightly more than $2500 and add to that the cost of the my surgery for my throat and the cost of a good nights sleep is a steep hill to climb...

The cost of a the bullet to end all this comes in at under a dollar but I like to think that I still have something to offer the world and that the race to the finish is still worth running. So next time you see me say hi and tell me your truth because time has suddenly become a very precious commodity that shouldn't be wasted with banality.

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